About Mizzo Design
Mizzo Design is a premium European brand with its roots in the Netherlands. Mizzo designs and manufacturers only the best quality products for very attractive prices.
We only use the best materials available in the manufacturing process to ensure our products are top quality.
We only accept the best to produce the best!.

Mission Mizzo Design
Quality kitchen Sinks and taps usually do not come cheap. A lot of the price is taken up by marketing and promotional activities, which mainly focus on brand position and do not necessarily reflect the quality of the sink or tap.
We do not have printed catalogs, no salespersons, no lease-cars, no big promotion campaigns. – all resources go into the quality of the sinks and the taps while offering a great price for you at the same time.
Furthermore, we sell directly to consumers and not to middlemen. Therefore, we can offer great prices.
We make design kitchen sinks and taps of high quality affordable for everyone!